Cal West Distributing has prime Sno Biz locations available throughout North and North Central California. To provide you the best earning opportunity we have divided the counties into territories and they are protected to provide you the best earning opportunity. We have LOTS of territories available but once they are spoken for they are no longer available.

1. Give us a call and ask us for details, pricing and ordering information. We are happy to mail you a dealer prospectus. Remember, We are here to help.

2. Write a business plan and check local codes/permits. Find small business resources at  Small Business Administration Resources.

3. Decide on your sales vehicle: Is it a store, a cart, a hut, a trailer?

4. Order equipment

5. Order products

6. Order supplies

7. Complete training

8. Open for business and discover your Sno Biz profit potential!


We are ready to help you own your own business and build a foundation for success? Sno Biz dealers are independent business owners, supported by a regional distribution network. We’ve learned that our most successful dealers start with some business experience – though not always in food or hospitality. They have some capital to invest. (financing is available) They like to set their own schedules and they enjoy realizing their profit potential.

Lets Do This :-)

Sno Biz gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and to love what you do! Our turnkey support system and full product line works similar to franchises, but without the fees and royalties in the USA. Sno Biz dealers join an established distribution system with access to training and marketing support.

Sno Biz Dealers Enjoy:

Easy Breezy Financing :-)
Start you own shaved ice business

The Next Step

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Easy Breezy Financing :-)

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