Custom Sno Biz Concession Trailers

We have 2 sizes of shaved ice concession trailers. The 6’ x 12 and the 6' x 14'. Our most popular model is the 6' x 14 as it provides room for additional people as well as concession items. All our trailers can be customized to fit your particular needs. Have questions? Please contact us

Whether you choose the 6’ x 12’ or the 6’ x 14’ Sno Biz trailer we can customize it any way you like. We have a huge supply of accessories on hand to meet every need. Our friendly staff are here to help along the way with real world expertise and practical advice from actual Sno Biz owners and operators.

6’ x 14’ Sno Biz Concession Trailer

6’ x 12’ Sno Biz Concession Trailer

Base price $22,950

Base price $18,950

Available Colors: Red, White, Chevron Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange

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