The New Sno Biz App is Here!

We know Flavor Menus can be overwhelming for customers– they come up to the window and see a menu list of hundreds of combinations of flavors. What do they get? We’ve heard that they feel rushed to decide because others are behind them waiting in line. Did they get what they wanted or did they miss that special combination because they didn’t want to ask you?
Now your customers can know in advance what you offer on your menu! Add excitement and customer interaction to your business at no additional cost to your customers.
The new Sno Biz Smartphone app will allow customers to see your menu at a touch of their fingers! They can search for combinations, mark them as favorites and find your location!

search from your iPhone

Sign up your store and menu on the app by emailing or faxing: or 952-890-7533 (fax)
Include the following information:

1. Store name
2. Location
3. Phone
4. Menu list with combinations

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Sno Biz App

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Sno Biz App
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